Latest update:

  • Quoting passwords: $ sign in passoword is now possible
  • Disabled rubber banding in the treeviews of catenate and attachment
  • Replaced switch() statements with boolean variables with if() statements
  • Solved problem with the Gtk::CellrendererText
  • Added Help Button and MenuItem which links to the documentation page
  • Adjusted the year in the copyright message in the about dialog
  • Corrected required version of GTKmm for C++11 from 3.12 to 3.18 in (was wrong)

  • Added check for gtkmm >= 3.12 in gtkmm >= 3.12 depends on c++11. If check is true the compiler flag -std=c++0x will be set.


  • Depends no longer on gtkmm-3.0 >= 3.6.0 (also works with gtkmm-3.0 >= 3.0.0)
    • Added fallback for gtkmm-3.0 < 3.6.0 (no MenuButton is used)
    • Changed the to define PDFCHAIN_GTKMM_OLD at config.h in case of gtkmm-3.0 < 3.6.0
  • Revised the FileChooser Dialogs and Buttons
    • Added a clear function to all FileChoosers
    • All FileChooser show the "current folder" not the "history"
    • Changed the clear function for the FileChooser in the sections


  • PDF Chain 0.4.3 depends on PDFtk >= 2.00 and gtkmm-3.0 >= 3.6
  • Revised Sections Background/Stamp and Burst
    • Revised and added Tooltips
    • Simpler user guidance
  • Changed the signal handler for the check buttons in section Permissions


  • PDF Chain 0.4.2 depends on PDFtk >= 2.00 and gtkmm-3.0 >= 3.6
  • Renamed "Concatenate" to "Catenate"
  • Added and revised tooltips in sections Tools and Catenate
  • Revised PDFtk return code messages
    • Added PDFtk return codes 3 and 768
  • Added "Repair document" in section Tools
  • Added new features of PDFtk 2.0 in section Tools
    • "Dump Data Annotaion"
    • "Needs Appearances"
  • Replaced the expression "PDF file" by "document"
  • Revised section permissions
    • Revised tooltips
    • Added user guidance (useless selections shouldn't be able)
    • Revised the "create_command()" methode
    • Added handlig and warning if user and owner password are the same


  • PDF Chain 0.4.1 depends on PDFtk >= 1.45 and gtkmm-3.0 >= 3.6 (for Gtk::MenuButton)
  • Added a right click popup menu for the cat treeview
  • Added move to top and move to bottom buttons to section cat
  • Added some tooltips
  • Moved the clear and about button into a menu with a menu button
  • Moved the permissions from an expander to a toggle button
  • Changed the order of the file filter at output folder file chooser burst
  • Changed the stock icon at output folder file chooser burst (Gtk::Stock::DIRECTORY doesn't work right)


  • PDF Chain 0.4.0 is compatible with the PDF Toolkit 1.45 and supporting its features. PDF Chain 0.4.0 is not compatible with PDFtk 1.44 and older!
    • Merged Cat Simple and Cat Extended to Conaticate using the multi-character input handles of PDFtk 1.45. By implementing the multi-character handles, PDFtk removed its 26 file limitation. Cat Simple is not necessary any longer.
    • Using a guint id instead a char handle for indexing the files. Default (not indexed) file id is G_MAXUINT.
    • The method cLStore_CatExtended::createCommand() creates a PDFtk input handle from the id. Id 0 equals to handle A, 25 to Z, 26 to BA (multi-character) ...
    • Adjust the command syntax for page rotation to PDFtk 1.45. Using north, south, east, west now instead of N, S, E, W.
    • Supporting the r page prefix of PDFtk 1.45.
    • Rewrote some methodes at file id and reorganized some functionality of the liststore.
  • Implemented the Clear Button.
  • Removed the "Options" at the add-files-filechooser of Concatenate (Cat Extended).
  • Add has its own column at Concatenate now.
  • Changed some Labels ("Shuffle", "Digits", "UTF-8", ...)
  • Updated projectpage


  • Bugfix in section "Cat Extended" (Bugreport)
    Now re-indexing list-entries before creating the command at metohod cLStore_CatExtended::createCommand()


  • Added new section "Cat Simple"
  • Changed GUI design
    • Removed menubar (looks more like a dialog)
    • Sections use full window width (looks more like gedit)
    • Replaced progressbar by statusbar (status messages are not visible yet)
  • Changed some strings
    • Renamed section "Concatenate" to "Cat Extended"
    • Renamed "Features" to "Allow" (like at pdftk)
    • some other strings ...
  • Implementing code for "Attach to page" (missing since v.0.3.1)
  • Fixed behavior of "Add files" at section "Cat Extended"
  • Rewrote filechoosers and filechooserbuttons
  • Rewrote combobox "pdf id" at cat sections
  • Configured autoconf by hand
  • Rewrote project homepage:
  • Created Git repository at sourceforge project page: git://
  • Created new application logo and set of icons

  • Bugfix in section "Cat" (Bugreport)
    Now re-indexing list-entries before creating the command at metohod cLStore_Cat::createCommand()


  • Test messages are only compiled into program if precompiler flag PDFCHAIN_TEST is defined at "pdfchain.h" (e.g. destructor messages)
  • Temporary widgets are onle compiled into program if precompiler flag PDFCHAIN_TEMP is defined at "pdfchain.h" (e.g. hidden TreeViewColumns for Tooltips)
  • Global constant variables at "pdfchain.h" are declarated external and defined at "constants.h" now
  • Global constant variable "Pdfchain::Path::DEFAULT_PATH_DOCUMENTS" used by the filechoosers is no longer declarated at "pdfchain.h" (external declarated variables seems to make problems at the allocation to virtual declarated variables)


  • Button "Shuffle pages" added at "Concatenate"
  • Replaced RadioButton pairs "Drop XFA", "Don't drop XFA" and "Flatten", "Don't flatten" with CheckButtons "Drop XFA" and "Flatten" at "Tools"
  • Changed widged configuration at "Burst", "Background / Stamp" and "Tools"
  • Changed some (default) mnemonic symbols - most at "Tools"
  • Fixed error: 'Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_sensitive'
    • Disconnecting signal mNotebook_Sections.signal_switch_page() at destructor of class cWindowMain


  • The entire GUI completely re-written using the gtkmm libraries of version 3.0
  • More compact and better source code
  • New version numbering
  • New application icon
  • Translatable by using glibmm/i18n.h
  • Renamed "Merge" to "Concatenate" (cat) and "Split" to "Burst" (like at the PDFTK)
  • FileChooserButtons instead Entrys, Buttons and FileChoosers
  • New message-dialogs
  • Concatenate:
    • The options are adjustable at the tree view now (no extra window necessary)
    • The separator ',' [COMMA] is no longer valid at "Pages" (using ' ' [SPACE] only - like at the PDFTK)
    • On invalid inputs in "Pages" the entry text will be shown in red letters
    • The page numbers are shown at the tree view (not in statusbar)
    • If the page number of a PDF document is not ascertainable, or 0, the page number appears orange. The page number is not checked for the creation of the command.
    • The tooltip of a row shows the whole file path (at "Attachment" too)
    • The treeview is searchable for filenames (not file paths) (at "Attachment" too)
    • The ID combobox only shows possible options
    • A file gets the same file index (handle - a letter from A to Z), even if it occurs several times in the list
    • Parameters can be assigned already in the file selection dialog for all files to be added (at expander "Options")
  • Burst:
    • Suffix - Text behind counter digits
    • Counting octal, decimal and hexadecimal (on using auto digits, number of counter digits will be adjusted)
    • Extension (.pdf)
  • Multibackground / Multistamp (new PDFTK parameter)
  • UTF8-Support for dump files (new PDFTK parameter - used at "Tools")
  • The "Tools" moved in the main window (the "Permissions" are disabled when the "Tool" tab is active)
  • On invalid parameters, the SaveAs-Button does nothing
  • Converting file names using "Glib filename_to_utf8()" and "Glib filename_from_utf8()"
  • Using document-directory (G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOCUMENTS) as the default directory for file-choosers
  • Using "std string" for PDFTK command
  • Using '"' for quoting filenames and '\' for quoting '\', '`' and '$' in PDFTK command
  • 1 MiB read buffer for counting pages of a PDF file (much faster than 512 Byte)


  • Rewrite of ListStores
  • Changing IDE (from xEmacs to Anjuta)
  • Adding "Counter Digits Selection" at Split
  • Changing Page Selection at Attachments from Entry to Spinbutton
  • Adding Popupmenus at Merge and Attachments
  • Installation works with "configure make makeinstall" now
  • Changing from GPLv3 to GPLv3+


  • includes now
  • Rewrite of FileChooserDialogs
  • Rewrite and revise of Dialogs
  • Tooltips for buttons without text
  • All used strings at one file now (definings.h)
  • Quote of special signs at filenames (using files with spaces is possible now)
  • Entry at Gnome Menu


  • Add copy Button at Merge
  • New Statusbar
  • Changes at Merge -> Options window


  • Added ComboBox for File ID
  • Removed Window for File ID
  • Restructured Statusbar outputs
  • Added Icon
  • Added UTF-8 Signs: '>>' and '<<'


  • Add extension check button at save dialog
  • Warn about overwriting existing file
  • Checks at merge if limit of source files arrived
  • Statusbar messages
  • Count pages of input files
  • Restructuring save and load dialogs
  • Add some messages and error Messages
  • Add toggle buttons
  • Add icon to ID button


  • fixed some bugs
  • asking for overwriting file


  • New About Dialog
  • Added Message Dialogs
  • Added Error Messages
  • Page settings at Merge works fine now
  • Cleaning code


  • first public alpha release